Athletes are mostly the one who has experienced always a muscle tension or muscle injury. Old people happen to experience such muscular pain as well. Even if you are not an athlete or an old one, there will be a point in your life wherein you experience muscle injuries that are definitely hard to tolerate. It seems like you’ve aged suddenly because of its appearance that occurs quite some time. If you have experienced sore muscles after a workout or anything that you did that resulted in this, then a foam roller will help you.

Foam rollers are exercise devices used for massage and fitness. It is well-known to sports trainers and therapist. It is usually in a long cylindrical shape that varies according to the intensity. It helps soothe tight, sore areas and speed up muscle recovery from strenuous activity or workouts.

Hence, we are here to help and give you some ideas of the top foam rollers in the market today. With this guide, it will narrow down your options to avoid confusion.



Foam rollers are widely used by now. There are plenty of foam rollers introduced in the market by the same company or by not. With that, we’ve only listed the top 7 best foam rollers in the market that will definitely suffice your muscular needs.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

This TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller is a firm roller that has high points and low points and has varying sized grid across the surface. This 3D inspired surface replicates the feeling of being massaged by a therapist. It improves blood and oxygen circulation and allows the tissue to aerate while you roll. It results in repairing your muscles with the nutrients gained from better circulation. The TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller offers three different sizes with different colors. It has a height of 13 inches, and a diameter of 5.5 inches with a weight of 1.5 pounds. Lastly, it has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.


RumbleRoller - Textured Muscle Foam Roller

The Rumble Roller is a monster truck tire-like in appearance. The bump’s resilience deflects around the bones and gets closer and deeper to the source of your muscle pain or injury. As you roll on the Rumble Roller, it works like the thumbs of a massage therapist to knead and stretch your muscles. Such actions target the multiple trigger points which help restore flexibility and brings quick relief to your muscular pain. The core of this roller is solid EVA which means that even if you are a heavy individual it will neither deform nor compress. This roller has two colors that vary according to its firmness. The Blue which is the original color is very firm but has flexible bumps while the other one is the black or the XFirm. XFirm stands for an extremely firm in which it is approximately 36% firmer than the original such that this could be painful to use on some body parts.


AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller

The AmazonBasics Round Foam Roller is made of the highest density foam which means it will last for years. It is shaped like a PVC pipe made from molded polypropylene. This is considered to be one of the firmest foam rollers such that this is not ideal if you are a beginner to foam rolling. Because of its quality-assured firmness, this roller comes with no warranty. This AmazonBasics Round Roller is designed to relieve sore muscles before or after workouts. It targets various trigger points that allow the roller to perform a type of soft-tissue therapy. This will result in the improvement of your flexibility, extend the range of motion and reduce pain and discomfort.


Master of Muscle Foam Roller

The Master of Muscle Foam Roller has a bumpy design that mixes small bumps with bigger and wider bumps. The variable bumpy design gives a variable push into your body whether you have a small or bigger body. The small bumps give a sharp massage and the bigger bumps massage a larger area. It is lightweight and portable in which you can carry it if you are going to a gym. It has a length of 13 inches and a diameter of 5 inches, which will easily fit your gym bag or travel case.


The LuxFit Premium Foam Roller is an extra firm roller made from a molded polypropylene foam technology. It weighs 2 pounds per cubic foot density. It has a smooth surface and a solid core. It comes in three different lengths, 12, 18 and 36 inches. All come in 6-inch diameter. This foam roller is suitable for positioning, balance and prevents muscle injury. Lastly, it is good for developing core stabilization and stamina.


OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Density Foam Roller

This OPTP Pro-Roller Foam Roller is meant for heavy usage in a rehabilitation center and fitness studios even though is a soft density roller. This is made of cross-linked, closed cell EVA foam which is known for its durability. As mentioned, it is a soft density roller which gives you a comfort during self-massage. It is only available in a 36-inch length and 6-inch diameter, which means it can be used in your travels.


ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

The ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller gives you a superior roller in which it offers you a sturdy, EVA foam-filled center. It can accommodate heavyweights and the solid interior doesn’t crack at all. The two-density zones are well-balanced to give you the most comfortable exercise or training routine. The grid of firm bumps eases the muscle tension. It also improves blood circulation for a faster muscle recovery.



There are different types of foam rollers that are categorized according to the firmness it could offer.

Low-density Foam Rollers: Low-density foam rollers are the lightest when you carry them and softest foam rollers when you sit on them. This type of foam roller is suitable if you are a beginner or if your muscles are sore.

Firm Foam Rollers: Firm Foam rollers are the densest foam roller coaster on the market and hardest when you sit on them. Athletes who need quick recovery are suitable to have this foam roller. Remember that the firmer the foam roller, the more intense the rolling session would be.

Short Foam Rollers: These are both firm and soft in densities. This is good when traveling since short foam rollers are easier to store and fit in into your suitcases. These are suitable if you are a runner of a cyclist in which your tight calves and hamstrings are the target subject.

Bumpy Foam Rollers: Bumpy Foam Rollers are used to trigger some pressure points. The ridges which look like spikes provide a more intense massage. These are suitable if you have tight and compact muscles.

Medium-density Foam Rollers: Medium-density foam rollers are ideal for both self-massage and exercise. It gives you enough hardness for a deep massage while still providing you a moderate cushion. These rollers are suitable if you are into some yoga routines.



As mentioned, these rollers are not just developed for nothing. It is designed and constructed to offer you these two listed below.

Warming Up: Warming up is a basic and essential routine before starting your intense training or exercise. Massaging your muscles with a foam roller improves your blood flow. This will let your muscles be prepared by letting them know that you will be on a rigid training or exercise. It’s important to get those muscles warmed up to avoid muscle injury.

Recovery: As mentioned, massaging your muscles improves blood flow. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles which help to fasten the recovery time.



Before you purchase, it is a must to list down the things you want in your next or first foam roller. This will result to purchasing the best and suitable rollers for you.

Density: The density is the firmness of your foam rollers. It is the primary factor in how effective your foam roller at deep-tissue massage. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to use less dense foam rollers at first. This will help you gauge how much pressure you can handle before leveling up to a firmer and denser roller. As your muscles adapt, you can then use a denser roller which is better for long-term use.

The color of the foam roller varies according to their density. The white is the softest and the black is the hardest. Blue and red foam rollers are somehow in the category of medium density. Although, the colors can be varied from brand accordingly such that to determine the firmness, you just have to test it by squeezing the rollers.

Surface Texture: Some foam rollers have ridges and knobs that look like spikes and some have a smooth surface.

Smooth Rollers: It provides even pressure across the entire length of the roller. If you are new to this, a smooth-surfaced foam roller is best to have at first. This will give you a chance to adjust your weight and feel how the roller works. Also, smooth foam rollers are not expensive.

Texture Rollers: It gives a more precise and intense massage that targets multiple points. There are a variety of textured rollers offered so that you can find the right amount of pressure.

Shape and Size: The shape and size of your rollers vary dependently to the target areas of the body.

Length: Long rollers with a length around 36 inches are a good choice if you are new to this. It works well for your back because of its longevity. It is the best use for your quads, hamstrings and other parts of your body.

The shorter ones which are around 24 inches work well for smaller areas like arms and calves. The shortest length, around 4 to 12 inches, is suitable when you are traveling or when you work out in areas with limited floor space.

Diameter: For a more comfortable foam roller, choose a diameter around 5 or 6 inches. But, if you want something more precise and deeper massage, choose 3 to 4-inch diameter.

Price: As a buyer, you should avoid wasting money by buying a foam roller then buying again since the first one doesn’t meet your needs and expectations. Do not dive in immediately to a high-priced foam roller. Being labeled as high-priced roller doesn’t scream for high-quality. Consider the price because there are now plenty of introduced a low-priced roller that has better to offer than the higher-priced.



pasted image 030If you are experiencing muscle pain, then a foam roller is what you needed right now. It is applicable to anyone, whether you are an athlete or not, an elder or not. This roller will help you in some many ways and will help you not to quit what you are doing that resulted in this kind of pain. Now to purchase a roller that is best and suitable for you, it is a must to know some factors to be considered. Price must also be considered since it impractical to buy another roller because the previous one is a lousy roller. Remember that these foam rollers offer the same role, but it is up to you to decide even though we’ve listed and ranked it in an orderly manner.



Below are some of the recommendations that might help you in choosing and buying a foam roller.


Master of Muscle Foam Roller

Most of the foam rollers are hard to be used by a beginner but this Master of Muscle Foam Roller is easy to use and is suitable if you are new to foam rolling. This is not extremely firm but, it only applies the exact amount of pressure to your muscle.


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Athletes are known to be always on a rigid training, thus they are more prone to muscular pain. With this Rumble Roller – Textured Muscle Foam Roller, it targets multiple trigger points which bring quick relief to your muscular pain. This roller gets closer and deeper to the source of your pain or injury. The bumps work like the thumbs of a massage therapist to knead and stretch your muscles and you will recover in no time.



ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

It offers two-density zones that are perfectly balanced to give you the most comfortable exercise or training routine. The grid of firm bumps keeps you from muscle tension and improves the circulation of your blood and oxygen.



OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Density Foam Roller

This is a soft density foam roller that gives you a maximum comfort, but not to the point that it feels like a soft and cushy pillow. It has a right amount of softness that will help you to relax and compose and massage yourself. It is only available by 36 inches by 6 inches (length by diameter). It is made of EVA foam which is known for its durability.



AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller

This AmazonBasics Round Roller is known for its high-density foam. There is no need for a warranty because this roller will definitely last for years. This will improve your flexibility and will reduce your pain and discomfort. Hence, this AmazonBasics Foam Roller will only cost you $18.199.



TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Whether you are a fitness fanatic, an athlete or a weekend warrior, this TriggerPoint GRID foam roller offers you its unique distro-density zone design, which targets multiple trigger points effectively. It is made of EVA foam that can resist heavyweights.  The three-dimensional surface allows tissue to aerate while you do the rolling. It promotes proper blood and oxygen circulation resulting in acquiring the needed nutrients to repair your muscle. This is compact and can be carried and used during your travel or vacation.