Anyone who sits in an office from 9am to 5pm, five days a week, knows that they need special partners to work with, and on top of that list is a comfortable and reliable office chair.  Using a substandard office chair exposes the user to medical problems that can include in the neck or lower back , spinal misalignment, nerve pains and other diseases that being immobile for an extended period of time while resting your butt on the wrong chair presents high risks to the person’s health.

Employers who put a premium on their employees’ comfort and well-being, need to provide their greatest resources with the best possible chairs to use during office hours, without causing a huge dent in the company’s budget.  And maybe even for any individual who works from home, the need to have an office chair that can be both used professionally and personally will need some very close attention on the choices available in the market.   Whether it is for a company that is planning to provide the office furniture that will ensure maximum production and output or an individual who wants to invest in an office chair that he will spend at least seventeen hours working, playing and relaxing in,  we agree that utmost deliberation will need to be made on such a significant investment.

Which now brings us to the questions on what, actually,  are the things that a prudent user will need in making an important purchase and we have rounded up a few to help you, as follows:

a.   How many hours in a day do you think that would you be using it?  How many days in a week?

b.   How big is your work area and what size of an office chair would be suitable?

c.    What is your physical built, weight and height?

d.   What is your budget for a good office chair?

e.   Do you have any health issues?

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Doing a review on chairs, specifically office chairs, is a bit tricky as it is not something that you can easily form an opinion on with just one sitting.  The best chair should stand the test of time, in our case, at least 12 hours straight of sitting in not just one but four chairs from different brands.  While seated and testing the comfort level in an extended period of time, the ability to be able to actually work and be productive was another factor of consideration with much attention given to posture care and keeping other illnesses at bay.   We ordered the four chairs and were half hoping that they will come already assembled but part of giving a reasonable review is to start from scratch.   And start from scratch we did.

The best office chair should be designed and equipped to provide the utmost comfort, work the hardest, for the longest time, for the heaviest possible user, at the most reasonable price, with the most extended warranty cover in the market.   This criteria may be stretching it a bit but getting the office chair that will closely fit the above description can be someone’s best friend in the office for many years to come.

For this review, we decided to cover both ends of the spectrum, from the high-end, world famous line of Herman Miller’s Aeron series.

to Amazon’s basic necessities, the really reliable Mid-back.

Amazon Basic Mid-Back Office Chair
[product_excerpt asin=”​B00IFHPVEU​”]

We have also added a favorite among hard-core gamers where posterior comfort is an absolute must as these are the people who work hard and play harder – the DXRacer Formula Series, Newedge Edition Bucket Seat Office Chair.

Completing the list is possibly, the best amongst the selection as it is easy on both the eyes and the pocket, big on comfort as well as the savings and so our fourth choice for this review is Space Seating Professional Air-Grid and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat.

We considered the general size of chairs that would fit a spacious office or a private work-study area of either a student or working person.  We checked at the functionalities, materials used, weight, mobility and the price. Modern office chairs look similar in most aspects except for some changes in materials but the actual difference is felt when you are already sitting on it for about six hours or more.  We have started with about 10 different brands but for purposes of this review, narrowed it down to four from the top reliable brands famous for their functionalities, designs, after sales service, availability and costs.

The timeframe is the most important factor in carrying out this review and the longer time spent on using an office chair would be the better.   We have initially planned on using one chair for as long as 10 hours and decided to go beyond that as the first signs of discomfort usually happens after the first eight hours.  It may sound a bit tedious but the additional effort is for a good cause when a user’s health may be on the line.

We did not feel it necessary to consider the optional attachments that come and are sold separately from a unit as it does not come from the original purchase  and any additional purchase to be made will be decided by the user based on their personal preference.

On top of our list and for those who have really tried using an ergonomic chair by Herman Miller, this product is regarded as the king of ergonomic chairs.  And yes, we do agree that the price is outrageously expensive but what would one not give to be able to work knowing that the chair he is sitting on, got him – literally and figuratively.  We like the look with the Mesh style.   One could readily feel the coolness that its breathable quality gives.  Sitting down on it gives you a great feeling.  Comfort rates high with these guys.  Please note that their product comes in sizes, all the better to fit you in.   We tried Size B (Medium) and this is where the real crunch comes in, should you have decided to get one with the wrong size as it may get uncomfortable after long hours of using it.

All four chairs have great reclining abilities but an ergonomic chair was made from the concept that it could rock back and forth with the angle between your back and the seat increasing a little bit every time it rocks back which may be frustrating if you are working using your mouse as it would probably make you go lower and further away from the desktop at each and every turn. However, the  Space Seating Professional  AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather seat is firm and does not lean all the way back, thus giving one a restful back tilt without that feeling of falling over.

Durability is on anyone’s list with regards to any product that they are intending to invest on. The DXRacer Formula Series, Newedge Edition Bucket Seat Office Chair was designed with that in mind, comfort, diversity, and durability with special thought given to the active people on the go.


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